Five Gadgets That Could Be Used By A Business and In The Home

There aren’t many gadgets on the market that could be used in both the home and in a UK based local business. However there are products on offer in Great Britain that we think could fit into an office and a home, and we’ve summarised them below. Amongst the gadgets mentioned, some will be affordable while others are more expensive, to the point that you will want to make sure you have a good insurance policy in place to make sure you are covered, just in case the worst happens and you are victim to a break in or a robbery. One of the benefits of owning gadgets that can be used in both the home and a business, is that it makes it easier to get things done, no matter where you are, which may help you get a new business off the ground.


You could just use any regular tablet from a local high street shop, or you could go for one of the premium brands available. They don’t just look good, they also offer a lot of flexibility in use, and range in size from small (iPad Mini), to large (iPad Pro) – allowing their users to opt for a size that suits their home or local business, and the work they need to use it for. They can be used for both entertainment and business purposes, for doing your business’s accounts on, for using an app or watching a TV streaming service at home.


Definitely not affordable, but they can be great for both a business in the UK or for personal/home use. If there’s one gripe universal to office workers, it’s the choice of background music being played – everyone has their own tastes! The Sonos wireless speaker allows users to connect and play music over wifi, which means everyone gets a say. The sizes of the speakers, especially the PLAY:1 models, allow owners to move them to any location in the building. This is great for overnight storage so you can hide them away and will reduce the risk of them being stolen and having to make an insurance claim for them, if your home or business gets broken into.

George Forman Grill

Spruce up the kitchen in your home or the office with a grill. Take a boring old cheese sandwich to work, then change it up and put in the George Forman Grill to turn it into a grilled cheese sandwich! However there is one major drawback of the use in office; when grilling sandwiches there’s not much clean up, save for a few crumbs but meats can get a bit messy. You can’t immediately clean after use because it’s so hot. Despite that, it’s the perfect way to make a hot sandwich or warm up the sausage sandwich you grabbed on your way into work, that has now turned cold.

Coffee Machine

Once you get away from using instant coffee, you’ll never turn back. Your home life or office life will be improved, and surprisingly they can be quite affordable which means your insurance broker will love you. If you own your own business, your employees will love it too; having a good coffee machine could boost morale which boosts productivity. Wireless Mouse

No longer will you have to wrangle with a cord just to simply operate your mouse. There’s nothing more irritating than pulling on a wire when trying to navigate a website. Using a device such as a wireless mouse can reduce stress both in the home and in the workplace, which means increased productivity. The gadget is also extremely affordable, and so cheap that you can pick one up for the same price as your lunch. It’s also not the sort of gadget that you need to list on your insurance when getting either a Home insurance quote or a Business insurance quote. You could even get a wireless keyboard and a large TV too!.


Having the latest gadgets in your home or business, can often mean higher insurance premiums – if you have taken out a Home insurance or a Business insurance policy that is. That’s why it’s important to use a specialist insurance broker to help source your insurance policy. Finding the right insurance broker can be difficult, but not as difficult as deciding what size storage you need on your iPad or whether you should get one Sonos speaker or two! When taking out an insurance policy for your business or home, you must remember to be truthful about the value of the things you want to insure, lest you suffer any damage/theft - you don’t want to be out of pocket.